It was very early in the morning. The traffic was surprisingly good, and because I was too early to go to work, I decided to sit in a chair in front of Bryant Park’s grassy field. The sun was still shy, but few people were waiting for that warm energy to begin the day. Then... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Hope

I have a Brazilian co-worker. Her name is Marcella. Marcella told me before working with us, she used to sell bikinis in the winter time. I know it was tough for her, but I found it very poetic, as a concrete form of hope. Imagine yourself there, in the middle of the snow, with the... Continue Reading →

O silêncio de uma casa cheia

Se tem uma coisa que eu aprendi a gostar é do silêncio de uma casa cheia. Sabe aquele horário em que todo mundo já está dormindo e você dá uma geral na casa pra checar portas, cobertas, brinquedos que sobraram no chão? Eu aprendi a amá-lo. Às vezes me vejo sentada, morta de cansada, mas... Continue Reading →

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