The bearded woman

It started in the middle of winter. Almost every day, the two passed by  me on my way to the office. The mother carried the baby ahead, in a kangaroo. In the beginning the little one cried desperately, and I didn’t blame her —nobody wanted to have 32°F blow on their face. The mother, dressed... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Hope

I have a Brazilian co-worker. Her name is Marcella. Marcella told me before working with us, she used to sell bikinis in the winter time. I know it was tough for her, but I found it very poetic, as a concrete form of hope. Imagine yourself there, in the middle of the snow, with the... Continue Reading →

The silence of a full house

If there is something I learnt to like it’s the silence of a full house. Do you know this hour when everyone is sleeping and you go around to check the doors, blankets, remaining toys in the floor? I’ve grown to love it. Sometimes I see myself seated, very tired, but contemplating all the silence.... Continue Reading →

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