Every single day my kids look at me and say I’m beautiful. This weekend, I was in bed suffering from a hangover and feeling like death, and they brought me the same story. I always had this difficulty of taking compliments. Freud could surely explain it, but understanding how someone saw something nice in me... Continue Reading →

The tits’ weight

Tits: All my life I’ve been having issues with my tits. I always considered them without a sight, without destination, trying to adjust to a body that has bigger arms than the body itself. I’ve been filled with jealousy as I watched all the girls who got them abundant, proud, always facing straight, always facing... Continue Reading →

Because I don’t know how to pray

I’m not a professional mom. I’m very embarrassed to confess this, but I’m jealous of the ladies who have been improving on this job over many years. All their time has been dedicated to their kids. I give all the recognition to them. I mean it. The problem is due to my selfishness. Yes, I’m... Continue Reading →

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