Keep lying, please

So you go to Andy Warhol’s exhibition for the first time, the great Andy Warhol, and it isn’t Marilyn Monroe’s picture, the Campbell’s soup cans, or Mao Tse Tung’s portrait that touches you but an electric chair portrait. Electric Chair is part of a series with electric chairs in different colors. The one I saw... Continue Reading →

For more sad and angry Brazilians

Carnival got its end in Brazil a week ago. Now, I can go back to my happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I love Carnival, but when you’re far and in the worse part of the winter time, hear about Carnival becomes a torture. Another day I was talking with a gringo musician about music -... Continue Reading →

Getting There

Why is so hard to get into people’s hearts? I’m not just referring to love-based relationships, but in general, in all kind of human contact. Today I saw this image of a map of our feelings, La Carte du Tendre (Map of Tendre), from the illustrator François Chauveau (1613-1676). His inspiration took another way, but... Continue Reading →


I'm not Gypsy, but I’ve been moving quite a lot : inside of Brazil, to Colombia, Canada, Switzerland, U.S. Luckily, I’ve been settling well wherever I live. The funny thing about the key of this nice settling rarely relies on the house we get, the city where we are or even the weather under us,... Continue Reading →

When You Aren’t Enough

It isn't rare I have this feeling that I can’t offer any more than who I am. Life can be very demanding and I couldn’t explain it to other people until I met this picture - "Seated Male Nude", 1910- you see in the post. It was a sort of surprise you can have when... Continue Reading →

The tits’ weight

Tits: All my life I’ve been having issues with my tits. I always considered them without a sight, without destination, trying to adjust to a body that has bigger arms than the body itself. I’ve been filled with jealousy as I watched all the girls who got them abundant, proud, always facing straight, always facing... Continue Reading →

Finding Meaning

A long time ago, I was speaking with friends about this short video (“From the window of my room”) made by another friend, the Brazilian filmmaker Cao Guimarães.  Everyone was giving their point of view in a very academic way: the angle, the elements, the girl/boy personalizing women/men roles in society, the horse opening the scene... Continue Reading →

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