It was very early in the morning. The traffic was surprisingly good, and because I was too early to go to work, I decided to sit in a chair in front of Bryant Park’s grassy field. The sun was still shy, but few people were waiting for that warm energy to begin the day. Then... Continue Reading →

The bearded woman

It started in the middle of winter. Almost every day, the two passed by  me on my way to the office. The mother carried the baby ahead, in a kangaroo. In the beginning the little one cried desperately, and I didn’t blame her —nobody wanted to have 32°F blow on their face. The mother, dressed... Continue Reading →


“My dear, things have been so bad in here that I don’t want leave home.” I remember this phrase from Chico the very last time we saw each other when I went to Brazil. He was kindness personified, a genius artist with a mix of simplicity and a huge laugh. My first thought was the... Continue Reading →


Every single day my kids look at me and say I’m beautiful. This weekend, I was in bed suffering from a hangover and feeling like death, and they brought me the same story. I always had this difficulty of taking compliments. Freud could surely explain it, but understanding how someone saw something nice in me... Continue Reading →


I used to listen stories about Manuel’s grandma when I was in University. We knew she was a famous artist mentored by another famous artist, but what we liked more was what he used to say about her. There was this myth around her. We shared this pleasure about her funny sayings (I still tell... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Hope

I have a Brazilian co-worker. Her name is Marcella. Marcella told me before working with us, she used to sell bikinis in the winter time. I know it was tough for her, but I found it very poetic, as a concrete form of hope. Imagine yourself there, in the middle of the snow, with the... Continue Reading →


Last week, a friend of mine sent me this artwork Invisibles (2018) by Jaume Plensa. It immediately brought me back to a text I wrote last year, while I was battling the thought of back to work. I felt this desire to share it, especially because I know there are a lot of women who... Continue Reading →


Anyone who lives or had lived in the countryside knows exactly the scheme of life’s waves. Someone gets married, five others decide to marry at the same time; someone gets robbed, five more too… I’m in a wave peak right now: the babies one. Family, friends, friends of friends: everyone decided to deliver a baby... Continue Reading →

The silence of a full house

If there is something I learnt to like it’s the silence of a full house. Do you know this hour when everyone is sleeping and you go around to check the doors, blankets, remaining toys in the floor? I’ve grown to love it. Sometimes I see myself seated, very tired, but contemplating all the silence.... Continue Reading →

Ponds Generation

Yesterday I dyed my hair for the first time because it was gray. In the past, I had experimented with  brassy blonde streaks and ombrés - but it was all for fun. This time, I really wanted to get rid of the gray! Even though the restroom door was more painted than my hair itself,... Continue Reading →

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