The silence of a full house

If there is something I learnt to like it’s the silence of a full house. Do you know this hour when everyone is sleeping and you go around to check the doors, blankets, remaining toys in the floor? I’ve grown to love it. Sometimes I see myself seated, very tired, but contemplating all the silence.

And it isn’t because everyone is sleeping and I’m thinking, “finally I can get some peace.” Okay, this was the case in the beginning, I’m not embarrassed to admit that. But then I started to discover the beauty of this silence.

The silence of a full house is made by the story of the day, engraved as an instant of life that got printed in the air. It makes us feel part of something bigger, part of a microcosm that is full of love, which pushes us to do something else then only spin the routine’s wheel, like a mouse in the lab.

It reminds us how lucky we are to have our stories and the chance to add a new page to it daily. We don’t realize how transformable it is and the transformers we are. I look at my kitchen’s table and I see the cries I overcame, the laughter I lost, the new dance learnt at school, the successful work meeting, the homework taking forever to get done…

All is simple and huge in the same time. It’s everyone’s day being celebrated there, with pasta al pesto, cooked beans, fruit as dessert and spring water.

Sometimes I go to Grand Central Station here in NYC, just to admire its painted ceiling. The blue-greenish sky, full of stars composing the horoscope signs, is a monumental beauty – no doubt about it. But what I like more is imagining what the ceiling does after all doors are closed and everyone leaves.

I like to envision it would be contemplating the silence of a full house too, despite of nobody is there, in this case. The ceiling might be there, from the top, revisiting the whole day of a train station, with all kinds of people and situations. It makes me realize being part of something that big is an honor we shouldn’t lose to the routine. If even the Grand Central Station ceiling does that, we shouldn’t avoid to consume this silence.

Life as a such beautiful thing.

PS: It’s free and mandatory: if someday you visit NYC, reserve a time to discover not only what is revealed in the first sight, like the ceiling, but the hidden areas you can find in the Grand Central Station. This place teaches the real notion of history, the one is building day by day. You can’t miss it! *picture: MTA

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