Getting There

Why is so hard to get into people’s hearts? I’m not just referring to love-based relationships, but in general, in all kind of human contact. Today I saw this image of a map of our feelings, La Carte du Tendre (Map of Tendre), from the illustrator François Chauveau (1613-1676). His inspiration took another way, but it let me with this desire to have something that could map out our feelings, thinking if we could know better the location, we would have a successful journey.

I wish I had this kind of map. I wish Artificial Intelligence could evolve to the point where the machine can tell us what to expect and how to react to the others. But I strongly believe we’re far away from it. We’re such complex beings that we can’t even be clear about our feelings. It should be simple, but even for the basic ones we can vary in huge scale (from the cold to the hot, for example, you just need to see someone you’re mad on).

We should make at least the other people’s lives easier. I always remember this friend talking about how hard is to recognize the act of caring. She complained to her husband that he never recognizes her effort to prepare a special meal for him and he replied, “But I always wash your car…”

I think I’m going to arrive home today and try to map out my feelings to my dog. I got inspired for this artist, I want to see how my dog can explore my heart on her limitations and possibilities. We have been together for more than 9 years, so it won’t be that easy, but I think it can be the easiest relationship I have nowadays.

We are fascinating species because we’re complicated. But if you have a chance, I beg you be clear about your feelings, try to show at least you’re liking or not, do not fake it (or try not to). I promise I’ll try do this homework too — and post my dog’s love map soon.

 PS: I found this work in the book History of Beauty, by one of my favorite authors, Umberto Eco. I’ve been re-reading his books to honor his death that was three years ago, in the month of February. Highly, highly and highly recommend it...

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